Jaw Joint Disorder

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TMJ Causes

Unlike other joints, your temporomandibular joint moves thousands of times each day in a variety of ways. When TMJ function is abnormal, it can cause strain on the joint as well as the surrounding tissues over time (muscles, ligaments, etc.). As a result, persistent discomfort can develop, including severe pain in the ear that comes and goes over time.
Misalignment of your teeth and jaws can have a direct influence on the function of your TMJ, leading to temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMD).
Another significant cause of TMD is overuse. Perhaps you clench your teeth a lot throughout the day (due to stress or concentration), or you have undetected sleep apnea. Both of these diseases can cause the TMJ to become too rigid, resulting in the gradual onset of TMJ pain.

It’s also conceivable that the joint will degenerate or develop bone disease in some cases. A CBCT scan can reveal the whole architecture of your TMJ, allowing us to analyse and diagnose abnormalities in greater detail.


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