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Do you struggle to obtain a decent night’s sleep? Do you snore a lot or think you could have sleep apnoea but don’t know it? If that’s the case, oral appliance therapy can help with particular forms of sleep apnea and sleeping difficulties caused by anatomical factors.

Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA)

is a kind of sleep apnoe (OSA)
Obstructive apnoea is a form of sleep condition that prevents oxygen from reaching your lungs and brain. Soft tissues at the back of your mouth, such as your soft palate, tonsils, and tongue, physically collide with one another and close up your upper airway, causing OSA. As a result of not getting enough oxygen when sleeping, your blood pressure rises and your general body inflammation rises.

OSA is potentially fatal, putting you at an increased risk of heart attack and stroke. Even if you don’t think sleep apnoea and snoring are a “major” problem to be concerned about, addressing them might save your life.

Symptoms of Sleep Apnoea

Snoring isn’t the only sign of obstructive sleep apnea, whether it’s severe or mild. Some people, in fact, may never snore! Some of these frequent warning signals may appear depending on the kind and severity of your sleeping condition.

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